VOIP USB-SIP-GW2 adapter

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USB VoIP adapter
model SIP-GW2
• Make/Receive both VoIP calls and regular PSTN calls
• Auto-detection and auto-switch to VoIP or PSTN calls
• Phone rings for all incoming VoIP and PSTN calls
• VoIP or PSTN calls selected by phone key (**)
• Supports SIP 2.0(RFC 3261), PPPoE, STUN, DHCP(both client and server) etc.
• Built-in router, NAT, gateway, LAN pass and DMZ port forwarding.
• Support various voice codec including G.711U, G.711A, G.729A.
• Support Caller ID/Name display or block.
• Support call hold, call waiting, call forwarding, and call transfer
• Support in-band and out-of-band DTMF transfer.
• Dial plans, dial tone ,busy tone, ring back tone, alert tone can be set flexible.
• Support silence suppression, VAD, CNG, line echo cancellation (G.168), AGC, and QoS.
• Support standard encryption and authentication (DIGEST using MD5 and MD5-sess).
• Support automated NAT traversal without manual manipulation of firewall/NAT.
• Support firmware upgrade via TFTP, FTP and HTTP.

LAN interface 1 X RJ45 10/100M Base-T
WAN interface 1 X RJ45 10/100M Base-T
FXS telephone port 1×FXS
LED Status, PSTN, VoIP
Universal Switching Power Adaptor Input: 100-240VAC 50-60 Hz Output: +5VDC, 1200mA